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Regd. & Corp. Office    0253-2355665 Mon-Sat 09:30AM - 06:30PM Hall No.1, First Floor, NICE Sankul, ITI Signal, Satpur MIDC, Nashik-422007
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Bio-Composter cycle

What is Bio Composting?

Composting is a natural process in which the organic solids or wastes are bio-degraded in to organic manure by means of an activator (bacteria) both in aerobic and anaerobic conditions .

Types of Bio Composting

  • Composting Basics
  • Onsite Composting
  • Vermi composting
  • Aerated (Turned) Windrow Composting
  • Aerated Static Pile Composting
  • In-Vessel Composting ( MGRL-BC-01 & MGRL-BC-02)

In Vessel Composting

  • Our bio composting facilitates to produce organic manure in residential apartments and independent house hold like Row houses, Bungalows, etc.
  • We have an adequate facility of customized composter as per requirement.


Is an Eco-friendly solution for composting organic waste (Kitchen/ Garden) into useful organic manure by GO GREEN & CLEAN TO GREEN CONCEPT

bio-composter product

Mantras Bio Composter

Name of the Equipment MGRL-BC-02
Product from the Composter Organic manure (eco-friendly)
Nature of waste in put Kitchen waste/food waste/Garden waste
Size of the drum 410mm (Dia) x 850 mm (Ht)
Drum in Qty 1 no.(coupled with M.S./polycarbonate stand)
Capacity of the drum 112 Litres
Accommodative size 4 to 5 members in a family for 60 days
Feed input quantity 1 kg per day
MANTRAS activator in powder 10 kg(2 x 5 kg bag) for 60 days

Operational Procedure

  • At first Fill one inch (1”) layer of MANTRAS activator powder at the bottom of the drum (MANTRAS activator contains carbon, nitrogen, odor controlling agent and harmful insect repellent)
  • On the first day add properly chopped Waste approx. one kg (5 member family) in to the composter drum above the MANTRAS activator.
  • The second day on wards add I kg of chopped waste,  then add 200 g of MANTRAS activator over the waste,  then mix thoroughly with the scoop and spade,  if needed rotate the drum.
  • This practice is to be carried out on daily basis for 60 days.
  • A provision is given at the bottom of the composter drum for collection,  in case of any leachate generation.
  • Rotation of the composter drum can be carried out at least once in a day.
  • If you observe excess of moisture /odor/flies,  immediately add MANTRAS powder which will absorb the moisture, odor and also repel the flies.
  • Please avoid addition of liquid waste and non-degradable wastes like hard bones,  paper, plastics, lime pieces, egg shells etc.,
  • Keep the composter away from rain & excessive moisture area.
  • Keep open the composter lid during the day. It is advisable to keep lid closed in night to protect against rats, seed eaters and rodents.
  • After 60 days, the compost is ready in organic manure form of brown in color with sweet and earthy smell which can be utilized for your gardening or in farm.
  • MANTRAS composter decomposes the kitchen/food/garden wastes in to eco friendly products to keep the country from clean to green instead of dumping the wastes.
“MANTRAS Bio-Composter comes at a reasonable price, with a FREE pack of 5kg MANTRAS activator, FREE M.S. scoop, and FREE spade”.

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